Learn the Cat Tail Language

Author: Rebeca Rambal      Date: 2012-04-12

Keywords: Cat Tail Meaning, Cat Tail Wagging, Cat Tail Movements

Cats are highly communicative animals and the way your cat moves its tail is a language unto itself. Your cat's tail movements serve as words to the discerning cat owner, who is then able to gauge the emotions of their beloved pet. In fact, cat tail wagging works in telling you various things with varying degrees of emphasis. Below is a decoding of the cat tail language and the cat tail meaning.

When you observe the tail of your cat, you will sometimes notice that it shakes or quivers. This�cat tail movement may mean various things depending on how fast and the area at which the tail is quivering. Mild irritation is typically denoted by a quick shiver of the tip of the tail. On the other hand, when your cat is feeling happy or frisky, they are likely to show this by an all over shiver of their tail. MORE>>

What Cats Can Teach Us

Author: Rosemary Redfern      Date: 2012-04-12

Keywords: humans observe cats

Fans of cats will have no difficulty in recognizing their traits.

The first characteristic of cats is their supreme confidence in themselves. They know who they are, follow the patterns of their species and expect the world to fall in with their wants. They move around with assurance. As a result humans become entranced by this if not slightly in awe. At first glance this is a selfish way to behave. Yet without being sure of themselves, a person is left floundering and wondering whether they are doing the right thing, whatever that is. Lesson number one is to believe in ourselves. MORE>>

The Sleeping Habits of a Cat

Author: James Pulse      Date: 2011-09-06

Keywords: cat sleeping habits, house cats, sleep cycles, cat sleeping spots

When it comes to sleeping, cats are the king of almost all mammals. They usually sleep between 13 to 16 hours a day and in turn spend about 2/3 of their life sleeping. The amount of time your cat will spend sleeping depends on their age, health, hunger, and the current weather. During their sleep cycle, cats go through both REM and non-REM sleep very similar to the way a human does.

Approximately 75% of this sleep is considered light or non-REM, while the other 25% is considered heavy or in other words REM. It is believed that cats dream during this deep REM sleep cycle and some ways you can tell is by watching to see if their whiskers twitch or look to see if you can notice their eyes moving behind their eyelids. MORE>>

Do Cats See In Color Or Black And White?

Author: By Marie Pixington      Date: 2011-06-13

Keywords: cat vision, cats see in color, cats eyes, cat color blind

For years the general consensus was that cats saw the world in black and white, and did not have the ability to perceive color. Recent research has shown evidence that suggests that cats may have a great deal of color vision after all. MORE>>


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